Emmental cheese 200g

Emmental cheese 200g

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Emmental Cheese from Switzerland

Brand: Buon Appetito 

Freshly cut and hygienically packed in Sri Lanka

Originating in Switzerland, this cheese is made with raw (unpasteurized) cow's milk, typically as a wheel weighing over 225 pounds with a thin hard rind surrounding it. Emmental is a variety that is characterized by the large holes found throughout the cheese that grow in size as it ages. The cheese may be aged from 4 months to over a year and is considered quite young when sold at 4 to 5 months. It has a somewhat mild to strong taste (depending on the age), that is slightly nutty to fruity in flavor


water, salt, natural starter cultures and rennet

Best With

It is a good melting cheese for baked dishes, fondues or hot cheese sandwiches. And, it is often used in cold sandwiches with meat, as a cheese grated over vegetables, soups and salads, or as a dessert cheese.

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