Edam Cheese 200g

Edam Cheese 200g

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Edam Cheese from Holland

Brand: Buon Appetito

Freshly cut and hygienically packed in Sri Lanka

Edam finds its origins in the northern regions of the Netherlands, with milk from cows or goats allowing this semi-hard cheese to attain its savour. Left to age, it intensifies in taste, while creamy textures and milder undertones fill your palate when it is enjoyed young. A mellow blend of creamy and nutty tones comprises the base, with hints of salt appearing in gentle sparks. Displaying a springy texture in its youth, it approaches a drier, more crumbly consistency over time.


Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Salt, Starter

Best With

Edam is a true crowd-pleaser – it goes with almost anything. It's a great melting cheese – shred it into pasta, potato dishes, and baked egg casseroles for oodles of creamy goodness. We like to make a pumpkin and spinach lasagna with edam filling in for mozzarella. You can also slice it easily for sandwiches or dice it and toss it with smoked salmon on a salad of mixed greens. Aged edam is a great cheese platter idea – it's sharp tangy flavor pairs well with zesty apples and pears.

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