Smoked  cheese 200g - Grand'Or

Smoked cheese 200g - Grand'Or

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Smoked  cheese 200g 

Brand: Unilac from Netherlands

This cheese is given an extra flavor by placing it over smoky embers giving a "smoky," subtle nuances of meaty, earthy, toasty flavor.


cheese (pasteurized cow's milk) (EU), salt, starter culture, rennet, colour: anntto,carotene). water, butter (cow's milk),emulsifying salts: (E452, E339) corn starch,salt, natural smoke.

Best With

A sweet relish will offset the smokiness if you need some balance. Grate some smoked cheese over your tacos for an authentic, smoky flavor. Tart apples or white grapes are the perfect accompaniment to smoked cheese as the flavors marry really well

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