Grana Padano 16 Months old 200g - Parmesan

Grana Padano 16 Months old 200g - Parmesan

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Grana Padano 15 Months old 200g

Age: 15 months old

Brand: Agriform from Italy

Agriform Grana Padano is a delicious cheese that is a symbol of Italian gastronomic excellence throughout the world. Made with low-fat cow's milk, it is a hard semi-fat cheese, fine grained, white or straw yellow in colour, enclosed in a hard, dark yellow rind that is smooth and thick. It is aged an average of 16 months which gives fragrant aroma and a distinctive taste. Distinguished by a slight hint of sharpness and a good persistence.


Cow's milk, salt, rennet, egg white lysozyme (preservative).

Best With

It's a cheese with a great deal of personality to be savoured throughout a meal, from the appetizer to the first course, from the second course to dessert. It is ideal for thickening risottos, accompanying salamis and sausages and combines very well with balsamic vinegar, honey, marmalades and mustards.

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