Barral Aged Feta 180g - Hotos

Barral Aged Feta 180g - Hotos

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Barral Aged Feta 

Brand: Hotos

Weight: 180g

Barrel Aged Feta Cheese P.D.O. is a firm white cheese with a crumbly texture and an authentic rich and tangy flavor. Produced from sheep’s and goat’s milk and matured according to a traditional recipe. It has a pleasant taste, slightly sour and not very salty, and it has a rich aroma.

made exclusively of 100% fresh pasteurized Greek sheep and goat milk.

Best with
It can easily be baked and grilled, giving the potential for endless dishes including salads, pastries, pies or mixed with fresh vegetables. It is rich in proteins, calcium and with great nutritional value.

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