Apple & Strawberry Yogurt Plasmon 85g - 12 Months +

Apple & Strawberry Yogurt Plasmon 85g - 12 Months +

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Apple & Strawberry Yogurt Plasmon 85g

Suitable for children over 12 months

Spremi e Gusta is the fruit - purée pouches perfect for every occasion, to bring along anywhere!

Spremi e Gusta is made of 100% fruit:

  • No added sugar*
  • No aromas
  • No dying or preservatives, as prescribed by the law

*Naturally contains sugar

The innovative packaging is easy to use and perfect as an out-of-home snack for you and your little one.

Furthermore, the program Oasi Nella Crescita® guarantees the highest quality of products, thanks to the complete traceability of raw materials.

100% fruit, source of Vitamin C
Sugars from fruit only

Spremi e Gusta Plasmon is prepared with fruit cultivated after the restrictions of Plasmon's program Oasi Nella Crescita®.

It is thought to side your baby through the discovery of new tastes, with different fruit flavors.

 The Kraft Heinz Company

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